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The Weekly News
 Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Friday Sunset  6:57 pm    -    Saturday Sunset  6:55 pm


Orcas Adventist Fellowship​
Sabbath School 10 AM 
Church Service 11 AM

Speaker: Pastor Don Bryan 
Head Elder: J.C. Laursen 
Potluck TBA 

Friday Harbor SDA Church 
Sabbath School 10 AM 
Church Service 11 AM
Speaker: Richard Foster

Head Elder: Dale Downs
Potluck Following Service 

13th Sabbath Offering this Sabbath, September 30. Please give generously to the Southern-Asia Division.

New Bible study is starting at Friday Harbor Church on Tuesdays at 7 PM. All are welcome! 

Friday Harbor Church Board will be meeting Thursday, September 28 at 6 PM at the church. 

Fall Ferry Schedule goes into effect on Sunday, October 1.

Friday Harbor Church Bulletins: Do you have info that needs to get into the Friday Harbor Church bulletin? Bulletin info can be sent to fridayharborchurch@gmail.com.or call Virlinda @ 370-5557. Please turn bulletin info in by Wednesday evening prior to Sabbath.

Orcas Women’s Bible Study will be taking a break for the summer and will resume in September. Call for more information, Patricia at (360) 298-2313, or Sally at (360) 842-7743.

Lopez Bible Study will take a summer hiatus beginning in June. It will resume again in October.

Beautiful Hands will meet each Friday evening, 6pm-8pm at the OCS High School, Room 306. 


Mission Story from India: 13th Sabbath

Pastor's Message ​by Pastor Don Bryan  "One Great Theme!"


 October Birthdays

Catalina Kohring 5
Wren King 15
Brittni Bryan 18
​Virlinda Foster 18

AdventistGiving is a way to give offerings and pay tithe online.  Access it by clicking on this link or the one at the top of the page. 

Text your Prayer Requests to 424-4PRAYER.

Fall Ferry Schedule effective October 1, 2017 - January 6, 2018

Parish Nurse Notes 

by Sally Coffin, R.N.
Laughter and Lowering Blood Pressure

Humor, and specifically laughing, has an amazing impact on our bodies' health. The bigger the belly laughs the better.  But how does laughter lower blood pressure exactly?  Laughing actually increases blood circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients efficiently, helps the immune system, fights stress chemicals and allows the muscles to relax. Stress is a principal contributor to high blood pressure and laughter is an excellent antidote for stress. Aside from simply altering our mood for a moment making us feel better, laughter also reduces four stress related hormones, epinephrine, dopac, growth hormone and cortisol. Reducing these hormones reduces the amount of oxidation in the blood vessels which means less plaque.Two organs benefit the most from laughter; the heart and the lungs. A good belly laugh is like an aerobic exercise for your heart. No it's not the same as 30 minutes of walking, but for people who may not be able to exercise, it's a decent substitute. The lungs expel more air than they take in during a good laugh and this acts as a cleansing breathe. When the laughter is over, you will breathe deeper sending oxygen enriched blood to the body.  And a good laugh can be internalized and relived. How many times have you thought back to a joke or humorous situation and chuckled to your self. Each time you do that your body is responding positively. 

Sally Coffin, RN