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 Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Friday Sunset  8:21 pm    -    Saturday Sunset  8:23 pm

Orcas Adventist Fellowship​
Sabbath School  10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am
Speaker: Pastor Don Bryan 
Elder in Charge: Sally Coffin  
Fellowship Potluck-Salad theme 

Friday Harbor SDA Church 
Sabbath School  10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Speaker: Glenn Aufderhar 
Elder in Charge: Ron Fowler

Friday Harbor Weekly Vespers is held at the church at 6:30 PM. Join us for singing, prayer, and fellowship. 

Orcas Church Board will meet on Monday, April 24 at OCS from 5:30-7 PM. 

Faith Based Recovery Group will begin on Thursday, April 27 at the Friday Harbor church from 7-8 PM. It is open to any individual of any faith who is struggling with a substance or behavior addiction. Contact Samantha with any questions. 

Ferry Church 
aboard the interisland ferry on Sabbath, May 13.  Mark your calendars and plan to join us as we fellowship together with members from different islands, while sailing through the beautiful San Juans.  We will celebrate Mother’s Day aboard the ferry with flowers for all the mothers.  A potluck luncheon is being planned. Stay tuned for more details.

"First Place 4Health" a 13 week Sabbath morning program on Orcas is a Christ-centered weight-loss and healthy living program and will be hosted by Anna Vedder. More information to come. 

Send website information to Samantha Graham at sgraham306@gmail.com. Thank you to Rochelle for all her hard work and dedication to the website! 

Text your Prayer Requests to 424-4PRAYER.

Friday Harbor Church Pantry is in continual need of food donations. Drop your donations off at the church.  Thank you for helping those less fortunate! The pantry will now be staffed on Mondays 5-8 PM, Fridays 10 AM-2 PM, and Saturdays 10 AM-2 PM. 


Friday Harbor Women's Bible Study will meet each Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 pm at Linda Smith's home.

Orcas Women’s Bible Study meets every Wednesday from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm in the art room of the elementary school building. Everyone welcome! Call for more information, Patricia at (360) 298-2313, or Sally at (360) 842-7743.

Lopez Bible Study will be meeting Wednesdays in April at 7 PM at Kenn and Christine Aufderhar's home. Everyone welcome! 

Beautiful Hands will meet each Friday evening, 6pm-8pm at the OCS High School, Room 306. 

Friday Harbor Bible Study will meet on Thursdays at 6:00pm at Bob & Barb Low's home.

Friday Harbor Men's Bible Study on Sundays at 7 AM at Friday Harbor Church. 

Pastor's Message  by Pastor Don Bryan

Mission Story from Gabon:  "Joyce's Surprise"


 April Birthdays

Skyler Gregg 3
Melissa Parnell 3
Graye Parnell 8
Jim Coffin 9
Brady Davis 9
Ed Sutsch  12
Don Bryan  16
Jenni Christensen 19
Samatha Fuchser-McKinstry 22
Darlene Murphy 22
Lois Gaskill  24
Joan McNeela  26
AdventistGiving is a way to give offerings and pay tithe online.  Access it by clicking on this link or the one at the top of the page. 

Spring Ferry Schedule -  effective April 2, 2017 - June 24, 2017

Nurse Notes 

by Judy Worley

Rice Paper Rolls 

Rice paper

Your veggies (and fruit) of choice – I used purple cabbage, spinach, carrot, avocado and mango
Fresh herbs – mint leaves, cilantro etc.
Soy sauce and sweet chili sauce for dipping
Peanut butter sauce – see the recipe below


Peanut butter sauce
3 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon soy sauce
The juice from 1/2 lime
1/2 tablespoon pure maple sirup
A little boiling water to mix it with

Simply add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix them well together – add a little water at a time until you have your desired consistency.


  1. Start by washing and prepping the fruit and veggies – you can either slice, grate or chop them, whatever you prefer.
  2. Fill a pan with warm water and carefully dip a sheet of rice paper in it for a couple of seconds until it has softened. Place the rice paper on a clean kitchen towel and add your fillings of choice in the middle, be careful not to add to much and not too close to the sides or it will be hard to close and roll.
  3. When you have added your fillings you fold the left and right side of the rice paper towards the middle to cover the fillings. Then you fold the end rice paper that are towards you over the middle and roll it until it is closed – try to roll it as tight as possible without breaking the rice paper. Repeat until you have made as many rice paper rolls as needed.
  4. Cut the rice paper rolls in half and serve them with soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, peanut butter sauce or whatever else kind of sauce or dipping you prefer – enjoy!







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