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I saw a Daughter Today!

As we begin our study of the Lord’s Prayer. We must pause and consider what it means to be a child of God. In other-words, what does it mean to call God our “Father”?
Remember the story in Matthew chapter 9:18-26 where Jesus is on the way to Jarius’ house to heal the daughter who was the “Apple” of her father’s eye, and is touched by an outcast daughter of Israel. Recall those words of hope and belonging in verse 22 when Jesus turns to the outcast daughter and says: “Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well.” Wow, what a restoration!
How good is it to know that you are accepted and loved by your father? I know many struggle with being accepted and loved by an earthly father, but God has promised to be faithful and is reputed to be a God of LOVE. Do you not think that He will love you as only a real Father could?
On the ferry this week I witnessed a beautiful interaction between a father, grandfather and daughter. It was inspiring enough that I had to grab my computer and write the following. My prayer is, that as you read you will be inspired to call your heavenly Father and talk for awhile.

I saw a daughter today.
Hanging with Daddy and Grandpa!
I saw a daughter today.
Running for a Breakfast snack with Dad in tow.
I saw a daughter today.
Eager to give Grandpa the snack she had secured.
I saw a daughter today.
Climbing in the horse trailer and truck,
Just like Daddy and Grandpa.
I saw a daughter today.
Happy! Content! Full of Joy and Purpose.
Accepted, Belonging, Skipping, Smiling.
I saw a daughter today!
Oh, that all women could be once again the daughter I saw today!
Give Dad a call. Reach out to your heavenly Father and ask Him to make you the son or daughter that He has plans for.




Lived Blessed.
Pastor Don Bryan
San Juan Islands Seventh-day Adventist Churches