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Go Ye into all the World – A New Perspective
In Matthew 28:18-20 we read of the “Gospel Commission.” This often is referred to as our church’s Corporate and Individual marching orders. And well it should.
Yet, this latest trip to Malawi has me re-thinking a portion of the Gospel Commission, namely the idea, of “Go Ye into all the World and Teach.”
In 2017, with less than 10% of the World Church residing in North America, Australia, Britain and New Zealand I wonder where the mission field really is? It seems to me that when I go into all the world to teach, that I end up learning more than I teach and am reminded how devoid of Spiritual Depth my homeland is.
Maybe the areas steeped in “Secular Materialism” need the “Whole World” to reach into us and teach us the meaning of a transparent, dependent faith, which relies solely on the grace of Christ.
Something to ponder?!
Pastor Don