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As we continue the theme of inviting people to the Table of God, we again wrestle with HOW?


Often times we espouse “Christ’s Method Alone.”  Very good method and one we should all follow. Sometimes however, another analogy helps one to imagine HOW?  So today I’d like to share two other pictures that may illustrate how each of us can reach out to our friends and neighbors and invite them to partake of God’s amazing goodness.


Building Bridges:  Is it possible with a bit of humility and patience we can work with those around us to build connecting points of common interest which would then lead to sharing God’s love with them?  

With Arms Wide Open: Jesus seemed able to include all groups of people in his circle of influence. As we read the stories of scripture we see that Jesus lived His life with His Arms Wide Open.  He had an inclusive manner about Him. Could it be with a little practice we could learn to live with our arms wide open? 

Add to these two pictures of how Jesus lived His life the great read by Morris Venden: “How Jesus Treated People” and it follows that the HOW of inviting people to the “Table of God” is to treat people HOW Jesus treated them.


Live to Bless others


Pastor Don