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In his book “God Came Near” Max Lucado opens the door to his storage closet and lets us in on a conversation he had with some Candles one stormy night when the power went out.


Max: “How great to have light!” (Then speaking to the candles, he says), “If you do such a good job here in the storage closet, just wait till I get you out where you’re really needed!”


(As he turns to leave the storage closet, feeling a bit silly for talking to candles he…..)


Candle:  “Now hold it right there.”


Max: Stopping, thinks his wife is talking to him and says .. “OK, honey, cut the kidding.” And he turns once more to leave.


Candle:  “Hold it, I said!”


Max:  “Who said that?”


Candle:  I did.  (It was the Big one),  Don’t take me out there.


Max: “What?”


Candle: “I said, Don’t take me out of this room.”


Max: “What do you mean? I have to take you out. You’re a candle. Your job is to give light. It’s dark out there. People are stubbing their toes and walking into walls. You have to come out and light up the place.”


Candle: “But you can’t take me out.” “I am not ready. I need more preparation.”


NOTE: The dialogue between Max and the Candle continued until Max was finally drowned out by a rousing chorus of “This Little Light of Mine.”


After blowing out the reluctant candles and returning to the dark house, Max asked his wife where she had gotten the candles. Her response was…”At a church rummage sale. They said they did work.”


How about you and I? Jesus stated in the Sermon on the Mount, that we were to be LIGHTS. Are you letting your light shine in the darkness?


Pastor Don